This is one of the reasons I love personal training. I have an ability and opportunity to help people to be stronger, faster, more flexible, balanced and enduring. It applies not only for sport, active lifestyle, health in general but also in dealing with daily life situations such as caring heavy bags or boxes, moving the furniture, bending and lifting, catching something, etc. These situations require all of our physical skills.

Functional training is a unique method of developing, increasing and mastering physical abilities such as speed, agility, strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, reaction, and coordination.

What is unique about this method?

  1. All ages are welcome (certainly taking into account the health history, fitness level and ability needs of the individual).
  2. Functional training was developed considering the exercises that we perform on a daily basis. It is safe and sound when we use the proper technique, activating the right muscles and applying enough force to perform the movement, which avoids injuries and helps to easily deal with the task.
  3. You use your body weight as well as old fashioned and modern fitness tools such as resistant bands, different kinds of weighted balls, kettlebells, free weight, bosu ball, TRX, etc.
  4. Functional exercises make work all muscle groups in your body along side with mental focus and concentration.

Functional training with no doubts takes you to a different level of your physical abilities. You literally acquire a new stronger, faster, more flexible, more enduring, more balanced and more beautiful body. This body is physically and mentally ready for all the challenges this unpredictable life can put your through.

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