This recipe will work with or without foil. Since it works without and the potatoes don’t get soggy, I skip that step. If baked potatoes aren’t on your list of favorites, you can use sweet potatoes instead. If you have a rotisserie, set temp to 350 or on the medium setting.

Serve withroasted fingerling potatoesandhoney-glazed baby carrots. I suggest making the garlic butter, Italian seasoning, and Creole seasoning a day or two before. Garlic butter keeps in the fridge for up to a week, and the seasonings will keep much longer. Servewithroasted fingerling potatoesandhoney-glazed baby carrots. Although the flavor is similar to that of a regular chicken, Cornish hens are smaller, weighing in at under two pounds . I like adding smoked paprika to lots of foods, lol.

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It’s thin and short enough to securely stay in place. A probe, though, is only as correct as your placement of it. To be sure you are reading the Cookinggames. temp in the thermal center of the meat, verify it with your Thermapen® ONE when your ChefAlarm sounds. Cornish game hens are essentially small, mature chickens. Originally cross-bred between regular Cornish chickens and White Plymouth Rock hens in the 1950s, the subsequently dubbed “cornish game hen” matures very quickly. Most of these are the same questions you’ll find in this slow cooker cornish game hen recipe.

Place the butter, garlic, minced thyme, rosemary and parsley, and salt and pepper to taste in a bowl. The best way to gauge when your Cornish hens are done is to use a meat thermometer. Insert the probe into the thickest part of the bird without touching any bone. The temperature should read at least 165 degrees F when the birds are done.

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  • I brush the outside of the hens with a bit of olive oil and some seasoning.
  • Firstly, it is one of those foods that can work as a light, low-calorie standalone ingredient for when you don’t want anything too heavy.
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He said that flavours should not be masked by spices, herbs or other seasonings. He placed importance on simple preparation of fish. This dressing can be made up to a month in advance if properly stored and frozen. It can also be made the night before it’s needed and refrigerated overnight.

What You Need To Make Our Easy Cornish Hens:

When the 33 minute cook time is complete the Instant Pot will automatically go into a warming mode. Let the Instant pot sit in this mode for 10 minutes. During this time the pressure will naturally release. It is safe to thaw poultry in a microwave but we really don’t recommend doing that. Even on low defrost settings, microwaves distribute heat unevenly. Some of the thinner portions of the bird will start to cook while the thicker center will still be frozen.

Cornish Game Hens Recipe with Rosemary and Garlic

The backbones can be used for soup or to enrich liquid under hens when roasting. Like popcorn and peanut butter, Cornish game hens are an American culinary invention, a result of crossbreeding Cornish bantam roosters and Plymouth Rock hens. Removing the chicken without altering the presentation can be tricky. The chicken will need to rest after cooking. If you are having trouble removing the chicken with tongs , you can always allow the chicken to cool some and then remove it with your hands. Top the chicken with some lemon slices and place it in a 400° preheated oven.

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