Thus, the speed of your computer can be severely slowed down. While solid-state drives do become fragmented just like traditional hard drives, you should not defrag an SSD. Not only is it unnecessary, it could also shorten the lifespan of your drive.

You can then save your screen to a place of your choosing as a PNG, GIF, JPEG, or HTML file. Whether it’s sharing a screen from a game, recording an image of your desktop, or snapping a photo of a Skype session, there are many reasons to take screenshots on your Surface. Surprisingly, there are just as many ways to take a screenshot, depending on which Windows 10 Surface device you have. If you don’t want to install third-party software for screenshots, here’s a look at some keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10 to achieve the results you need. Bear in mind that if you’ve got cascading or stacked windows, you can still highlight and select a window behind the first one to take a screenshot of it.

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Click on ‘Devices’, and in the next menu, select the option for the Kindle you want the document on. After you complete the Kindle Converter installation, you need to import the target Kindle book to the program. Click the “Kindle” icon and follow the on-screen instructions to add the Kindle file to the program. To begin with, download and install Kindle for PC app on your computer. If you are using Mac, choose the mac download option on the download page. Ebooks purchased from the Verso website are watermarked and DRM-free.

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Like all things in a system, a proper system maintenance ensures that it’s serving the end user at his/her hour of need. In order to have defragmentation executed efficiently it’s recommended to keep any work pending be put on hold while the process takes place. In some circumstances it may take a long while to defrag depending on your degree of fragmentation. It’s advised to have this maintenance run scheduled for the end of every week or month. It’s also advised to keep your fragmentation percentage below 10% as a larger figure represents more time in order to defragment a partition. Disk Defragmenter might take from several minutes to a few hours to finish, depending on the size and degree of fragmentation of your hard disk.

  • Aside from the time it takes to access files, the overall throughput of hard disks is also low.
  • However, this means you cannot reposition the taskbar to either side or the top of your screen anymore with Windows 11, which is kind of a bummer.
  • Click here to view full list of Windows 11 specs, features and requirements.
  • By defragmenting your drive, you will bring those pieces of data together and boost the performance of your device in turn.

Additionally, Microsoft also plans to support Windows 10 till October 14, 2025. And although the company has propagated numerous times that eligible systems will be able to upgrade for free, however, their support site paints a completely different picture. Just a month after the launch of Windows 11, Microsoft released the November 2021 update for Windows 10. Moreover, according to the official blog, the next Windows 10 feature update will be pushed sometime in Q2 of 2022. After reading this guide, if you conclude that the disadvantages of using Windows 10 are on the higher side, then you can switch over to Windows 11 at any time. All you need to have is a compatible computer and if you have Windows 10 installed, then the process will be pretty smooth for you.

When Should You Upgrade to Windows 11?

For the normal course of the process, I advise that the disk has a free space of 10% of the total memory. Check the box of Run on a schedule, and choose the frequency of the schedule – Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. You may save a word processor document today, but tomorrow you might load it up and write some more. As the file gets bigger there isn’t always the space to expand into, so extra space is used elsewhere for the growing file. Now, specify the frequency of automatic optimization by choosing one of the options from the drop-down menu.

TPM ensures that the OS will run only correctly-signed UEFI drivers, applications, and OS boot loaders, locking down the system in case it detects anomalies in the signing keys. It is also why Windows 11 will run only on newer hardware. If you plan to continue using Windows 10 for the time being. The company also announced today that it’s started rolling out the November 2021 update for the operating system. Looking forward, Microsoft plans to move Windows 10 to a yearly feature update cadence, aligning it with Windows 11.

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